Skelton & Brotton Parish Council

01287 348008

Skelton & Brotton Parish Council can be contacted on 01287 348008 or email

There are Councillors for each of the six wards. Councillor's contact details are available on application to the Clerk to the Council.


Old Skelton:

James Carrolle 
Jackie Cawley
Terry Dauncey

Brotton West: 

Brian Hogg
Kay Walker
Trevor Welburn
Brendon Whitehead

Brotton East: 

Dorothy Hogg
Bobbie Jackson
Margaret Whitehead 

New Skelton & Hollybush: 

Julie Craig 
Barbara Stocker
Maret Ward 

Skelton Green:

Lesley Kettlewell
Angus McDonald 

North Skelton & Layland

Lesley-Ann Dauncey
Ray Cawley


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