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Free Seated Fitness Classes Extension!

Skelton and Brotton Parish Council’s Free Seated Fitness Classes have proved to be very popular amongst local residents, so much so the Parish Council has agreed to fund a further four sessions.

A six week course was initially set up, with local Fitness Instructor Karen Winspear running the 45 minute sessions to a 60’s, 70’s and 80’s soundtrack. The Parish Council’s aim was two-fold - to run classes that would appeal to people who wanted to try some low impact exercise, and at the same time meet new people, thereby making steps towards tackling social isolation. To aid that goal refreshments were available afterwards, for participants to enjoy, whilst having a chat.

The next set of sessions are due to start on Thursday 25 April, from 1.15pm - 2pm, at Skelton Civic Hall. If you’d like to book a place please contact the Parish Council Office on 01287 348008. The free sessions are only available to residents of the Parish Council area.

Poster for Seated Fitness

 Local Fitness Instructor Karen Winspear running the safe and effective seated chair class!

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